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During this course you will learn to:

  • Generate more of the leads your sales people crave, and less of those they hate!
  • Understand how best to qualify a lead before handing over to sales
  • Maximise the use of data to make the most of every sales opportunity
  • Utilise automated marketing to optimise the customer journey
  • Integrate across digital media, to optimise performance

Ways you can learn with us

Virtual Classroom: Tutor led, live, online classroom environments, find out more here: Virtual Classroom

Online: Self Study, via an always-on, always open portal, providing an engaging multimedia learning experience, find out more here: Online Learning

In person: face-to-face, tutor-led classroom training. To ensure everyone’s safety while attending courses at our training centre, we’re taking a range of precautionary measures. You can find the full list, here


1 day (7 CPD hours)

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Course Information

Set targets through the customer journey

  • Develop strategies to work with sales to agree realistic targets
  • Learn techniques to map your key customers’ journey
  • Set up realistic and measurable KPIs for each stage
  • Work out realistic return on investment analysis of your campaigns

Identify your audience

  • Find ways to analyse your current best customers to target your best prospects
  • Explore options to use 3rd party data to fill your prospect pool
  • Plan how to blueprint your main target companies and key buyers
  • Use a foolproof B2B persona template to help you define your buyers and guide your media selection and content needs
  • Utilise Account Based Marketing techniques to focus on the most rewarding opportunities

Plan every stage

  • Adopt techniques to help ensure your marketing works in-synch with your sales team
  • Create turnkey campaign plans for every element, to ensure everything works together
  • Templates to help you effectively budget for every element, and avoid overspends
  • Review tools to help manage automated campaigns

Accurately qualify leads

  • Learn techniques to confidently and accurately assess the quality and potential of a lead
  • Review tools that are available to help you measure the level of intent shown by prospects
  • How you can work effectively with sales people to perfect the process
  • Understand how to use technology to boost the process

Proposition development

  • Use techniques to create strong value propositions for each audience that get right to their pain points
  • Explore research opportunities to identify the winning propositions and find your content sweet spot
  • Look at how to develop response propositions that will maximise engagement with key prospects
  • Learn to use landing page optimisation techniques to find the best way to engage and gather valuable data

Create content that works

  • Develop robust plans of exactly what content to create for each of your key target audiences
  • Learn which type of content works best for key job functions, and ways to create it with small budgets
  • Look at ways to Identify the right partners to help create and promote your content

Select the right media

  • Review the current digital media landscape and recent trends
  • Develop a media plan that takes full advantage of all digital opportunities
  • Adopt social selling techniques within your programme
  • Learn ways to gauge how to use each media type in each stage of the customer journey
  • Integrate the use of online and offline media to maximise reach and responses
  • Find out how to maximise performance on a limited budget

David Hearn F IDM, Creative Technology Director Arcstream AV

David Hearn F IDM has been a marketer for 30 years, starting at the Economist, before moving to agency FCB, working for British Airways and The Australian Tourist Commission. He then became co-owner of direct and digital agency AHK, developing successful customer acquisition and retention programmes for, amongst others, Royal Mail, 3M, Canon and Adobe.

David is now working in creative technology for Arcstream AV, delivering interactive marketing solutions for major brands including Ford, GSK, EY and Schroders. Helping bridge digital and face-to-face engagements.

With wide experience in both B2C and B2B markets, he has been sharing his expertise and experience for over 20 years as a trainer and tutor for the IDM. David also lectures at universities and delivers a series of online professional training webinars.

London (W1W 8SS)

Really enjoyed the course - it was fast paced with a wealth of information but also plenty of opportunity for interaction and the ability to learn from others on the course. The tutor had a wealth of knowledge and I wish it had been 2 days so we could have learnt even more!

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