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You will learn to:

  • Use the principles of Behavioural Economics to develop frameworks for planning and campaigns
  • Discover the main frameworks and how to apply these to your role
  • Change the context in which you present choices to consumers or customers
  • Develop messaging that influences patterns of consumption
  • Harness the power of the default option
  • Understand how 'mental accounting' affects decision making
  • Make 'irrational' consumers more predictable

Course Categories: Business Skills

See below for further course details and full programme information.

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1 day (7 CPD hours)

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22 Nov 23
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Course Information

Introduction to Behavioural Economics

  • Understanding the major principles
  • History, context and background
  • BE's place in marketing
  • Why now?
  • How areas such as personas and CX can be impacted positively

Thinking Styles and Perception

  • Thinking fast, thinking slow - systems thinking patterns
  • Choices - how too little or too much can impact outcomes
  • Neuromarketing: what neuroscience adds to the BE toolkit
  • Context - what it stands for

Heuristics and Biases

  • What and how do biases materialise
  • ...and what that means for marketing
  • Selecting the right bias to counter or exploit
  • The aims and goals of application in your next campaign
  • Mapping techniques to the customer journey

Choice Architecture

  • Advertising and social proof
  • Framing, decoys and anchors
  • Helping to nudge the right outcome
  • Reducing the 'pain of payment'
  • The Terrible Curse of Knowledge

Frameworks and Models

  • The Nudge Unit and origins
  • Introducing MINDSPACE and EAST
  • How to apply frameworks to marketing
  • Third bird and the importance of timing

The Consumer Decision Journey and Goals

  • How the decision journey has changed
  • Using BE to analyse and modify consumer decisions
  • Implicit and explicit goals
  • Using goal drivers for segmentation

This course is designed for:

  • Marketers with little or no knowledge of Behavioural Economics
  • Anyone involved in planning and developing marketing communications

Taking this course will give you the theoretical and practical underpinning to turn the marketing unpredictable into the predictable.
You will add the ability to predict patterns of behaviour and habits to your strategic toolkit.

Steve Kemish F IDM, Chief Executive Officer, Intermedia Global

Steve is a multi-award-winning marketer and has worked in digital marketing since 1997. He has worked client-side, helped grow a leading email service provider, consulted to numerous clients on digital strategy, and helped build one of the most respected and awarded B2B marketing agencies in the UK.

His passionate and insightful approach has gained him numerous industry awards. In recent years his work has seen wins at the B2B Marketing awards (seven times) Database Marketing awards (twice), New Media Age awards, Revolution Digital Marketing awards, CRN awards, IDM Marketing awards, PPA and DMA awards.

He has worked on digital marketing and strategy with many global brands including Motorola, Cisco, ITV, Lego, Skype, British Airways and Oracle. A highly regarded speaker, lecturer and writer, Steve has worked with the IDM since 2004 on various courses and events and has been invited to speak throughout the world on the subject of digital marketing.

He was appointed a Fellow in 2009, making him one of their youngest ever appointments. As well as his role at IMG: Intermedia Global he is an IDM tutor, a guest lecturer at various British universities and a longstanding AEO and Superbrands judge.

London (W1W 8SS)

It was one of the most educative and engaging courses I've attended in the last couple of years. I can highly recommend this course with Steve Kemish if you'd like to learn more about the 'nudges' and small touches, which can affect customer engagement with your brand.

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