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You will learn to:

  • Understand the science of how people read copy and use it to your advantage
  • Define and articulate the real value in a sales proposition
  • Use both emotional and rational drivers to compel and persuade
  • Structure and adapt your copy to work effectively in both digital and offline media
  • Ensure graphics, images and typography work with your copy, not against it

Course Categories: Copywriting & Creative

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1 day (7 CPD hours)

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Course availability

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08/02/23 Virtual classroom £400.00 £450.00 9 More info
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25 Jan 23
20/06/23 Virtual classroom £400.00 £450.00 14 More info
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15 Jun 23

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Course Information

The science behind how people read and react to your copy

  • Why 90% of your direct marketing output hits the bin within five seconds
  • How to use eye-track management to boost readership and results
  • The importance of customer-centricity and how to apply it in your copy
  • Using universal interests to gain reader attention
  • Harnessing emotional drivers to motivate more people to respond and buy
  • How to use visual language so that you show rather than just tell

How to define and articulate the full value of your propositions

  • Understanding the true nature of value propositions
  • How to choose the type of proposition that will resonate best with your audience
  • The proven formula that adds up to a sale
  • Headlines: what works best, creativity or clarity?
  • The top types of headlines explored in their order of their effectiveness

Copywriting best practice: practical tips and advice

  • How to achieve personalisation with very little customer knowledge
  • How tone, language and sentence length affect reader tolerance
  • Long copy or short copy: what works best, when and why?
  • How to create captions for images to powerful effect

The important differences between push marketing and pull marketing

  • How the way people consume web copy changes the way we write it
  • Writing powerful short-form copy for emails and mobile campaigns
  • How to write subject lines that will get more of your emails opened and read
  • Social media: a simple approach that improves focus and structure
  • Template for reviewing your own and other people's copy

More than 100 real-life examples to reference and learn from

If you write, brief or review copy as part of your role, this course is for you. It will show you exactly what you need to do to gain your audience's attention, stimulate interest, create desire and drive them to act.

Paul Chuter F IDM, Managing Director, Lindum Associates

Paul Chuter F IDM is one of the UK's leading sales and marketing communications practitioners.

Since 1990, Paul has provided consultancy, copywriting and training services to major international business enterprises, leading not-for-profit organisations, government agencies, professional bodies and academic institutions.

Paul has trained staff from more than 400 commercial enterprises and 350 charity sector organisations in effective copywriting skills. His training combines attitudinal approaches, practical techniques and best-practice methodologies that can be applied immediately in the workplace to achieve impressive results.

London (W1W 8SS)

I arrived knowing very little, if anything about copywriting. I can now leave with a much clearer understanding of copywriting thanks to Paul

Rachel Allen
Marketing Assistant, International Craft and Hobby Fair Ltd

This is a very useful course for any marketer. I am leaving feeling more confident and knowledgeable with lots of practical tips I can apply to my work

Claire Sankey
Marketing Executive, Unite Students

Paul was a fantastic teacher. I have learnt so much today I'm thrilled with the new knowledge I am leaving with. Thank you IDM! I would highly recommend this course

Danielle Matty
Retail Marketing Executive, HTC

The range of tips and techniques you learn about in the space of one day is impressive and I've been able to apply them immediately. The facilitation of the course flowed really well and was very engaging, even in a virtual environment.

David Lever
RSA Insurance Group plc

The course is a great way to sense check what you know and don't know, with really useful practical examples and a range of best practice to digest. I feel more confident as a writer having taken the course.

Alexander Collins
Lloyds Bank

This course was excellent. I now feel much more confident to go back to the office and write effective copy. And I also feel able to critique my team's copy in a structured and scientific way! Amazing tools!

The copywriting masterclass was a comprehensive overview of good writing best practices. Even having read a good amount of marketing books, this class provided new and useful information with practical tips and examples. Taught by a true expert. This class will improve your copywriting.

Ben Gallarda,
Aptus Health

I found the course extremely informative. It was also very engaging and interactive. There were lots of opportunities where you could ask questions, which was helpful. The course was well organised and the staff were all very helpful and friendly.

Natasha Carey,
Data Guidance

Course content was relevant and engaging - covered each subject in a lot of detail but broken down into manageable chunks with loads of opportunity to ask questions. Tutor clearly has a deep knowledge of the subject and was friendly, clear and concise.

I attended the virtual Copywriting Masterclass and couldn't be happier! The course was really interesting and our tutor Paul was extremely engaging. I felt that he was presenting his expertise, which allowed any questions to be answered thoroughly. I would certainly attend another course.

Just what I needed. Thorough and practical, I feel ready to bring what I've learned into my everyday work.

Emily King
Bluefruit Software

In just one day, I learnt so much. The tutor kept everyone engaged throughout and there are tips and tricks that will stick in my head forever.

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