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You will learn to:

  • Embrace the new digital landscape for PR activity and understand why the tools available as a result of this digital explosion have never been more important
  • Deliver effective content to engage the multi-channel audience
  • Integrate digital media to work in tandem with PR to create brand advocates
  • Tell a better story through PR activity to drive media engagement and customer loyalty
  • Better align PR activities with overall marketing activity to continue to maximise it's perceived value and deliver results

See below for further course details and full programme information.

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1 day (7 CPD hours)

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Course Information

PR & the digital revolution

  • How do we define PR in today's digital world?
  • Understanding why PR is such a powerful tool in the marketing mix
  • How the digital revolution has changed the landscape for PR
  • How to make the 'connected consumer' a friend
  • Why traditional media should not be ignored

Embracing social media to drive your PR activity

  • Who are the existing/new influencers and how do we engage with them?
  • Using social channels to build PR relationships
  • Understanding the preferred social platforms for your audience
  • The importance of listening to customers
  • Why brand advocates are critical to success

The importance of creating strong content

  • How to write content that will engage your target audience
  • How to choose the right theme
  • How to optimise content with the right keywords
  • Understanding the power of external link building
  • How PR can drive SEO

Writing a news story that gets noticed in today's climate

  • Is a press release the only way?
  • Writing a powerful headline
  • How to structure copy
  • The 'fool' proof copywriting test to take away
  • 10 copywriting tricks to add clout

Delivering a digital PR campaign for maximum impact in changing digital times

  • The impact of Covid-19
  • Is creativity still as important?
  • How to optimise, socialise and publicise PR Content
  • Should experiential marketing play a part?
  • How to integrate PR and digital marketing
  • How to measure the success of digital PR
  • Ongoing measurement and evaluation?
  • PR planning/content mapping?

Marketers will learn how to better incorporate PR into their marketing campaigns and understand how the digital landscape opens up new PR opportunities that can really make a difference for a brand.

This course is for those who currently work in marketing or PR teams (or have responsibility for both) within an organisation and want to ensure they are up to date with current best practices and strategies.

Nicola Renshaw F IDM, Managing Director, Renshaw Communications

As a tutor for the last 6 years, Nicola's courses are always underpinned by how technology has fundamentally transformed the way consumers want to engage with brands in today's world.

With over 20 years marketing experience working with larger B2B organisations such as BT, Sky, Dunhill, Futr Europe and Feefo, through to innovative and disruptive tech players in consumer lifestyle space, specifically Retail and Education, she is focussed on how brands through emotive storytelling and experiences can connect with their target audiences.

In an age where we are bombarded with media messaging, live on multi devices and where consumers dictate more and more how and when they want to be spoken to, on what channel and about what, she works with brands to help them capitalise on those micro moments that will deliver a brand connection and ultimately drive customer loyalty.

Marc Duke

Marc Duke is a consultant specialising in business-to-business marketing primarily with emerging technology companies. A CMO in a box, he offers a blend of strategic and tactical experience with a strong emphasis on creating opportunities and delivering results quickly.

He has over twenty years marketing experience helping businesses grow through generating leads, partnership opportunities and brand awareness by understanding their products/technologies while providing the marketing know-how to reach their customers in a focused and cost effective way.

London (W1W 8SS)

Great training session, very insightful and fabulous trainer.

Small group made session more interactive and releavent. The tutor was very informative and helpful.

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