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During this course you will learn to:

  • Understand and use the key principles of storytelling in marketing
  • Craft engaging, emotive content for your brand
  • Apply advanced storytelling techniques, including the use of metaphors, analogies, and the principle of 'show, don't tell' for greater audience engagement
  • Structure your stories effectively with time-proven formats such as the 3-Act structure
  • Develop compelling brand narratives that align with your marketing strategy and resonate with your target audience
  • Create shareable stories that boost visibility and foster customer connections

Course Categories: Copywriting & Creative

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1 day (7 CPD hours)

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Course availability

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06/08/24 Virtual classroom £360.00 £450.00 14 More info
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5 Aug 24
30/01/25 Virtual classroom £360.00 £450.00 14 More info
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29 Jan 25

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Course Information

General Principles of Storytelling

  • Understand 'storytelling' in a marketing context
  • Review examples of effective storytelling

Planning and Creating Story Ideas

  • Learn to engage audiences with people-led, emotive content
  • Define the protagonist of your story
  • Plan story ideas

Storytelling Structure

  • Determine the optimal length for your story
  • Learn to weave story themes through content effectively
  • Explore the 3-Act structure for longer stories
  • Define your story's theme
  • Break down your story into 'beats'

Advanced Storytelling Techniques

  • Discover expert tips for creating engaging, memorable, persuasive, and sharable stories
  • Use metaphors, analogies and similes effectively
  • Understand and apply the 'Show don't tell' principle
  • Learn what makes stories sharable

Brand Storytelling

  • How to create a compelling narrative for your brand
  • Showcase examples of effective brand storytelling
  • Apply storytelling principles to your brand tone and voice

This course is tailored for marketing and sales professionals, copywriters, and anyone else involved in promoting a product, service, or brand. It is equally applicable to B2B, B2C, and Not-for-Profit organisations.

You will explore the transformative power of storytelling in marketing, gaining insights into how well-crafted narratives can captivate, inform, inspire, and persuade audiences.

You'll discover how to use emotional drivers, elements of surprise and revelation to make your marketing stories compelling, personalised, and inspiring. You'll also learn to create memorable and shareable brand narratives that enhance your marketing reach and impact.

Tim Tucker F IDM, 23 Digital

Tim Tucker is an independent digital content marketing strategist and copywriting specialist. He is a digital consultant for the Content Marketing Association, for which he plans and hosts regular monthly digital breakfast events in London.

Tim has worked across a diverse range of digital environments, from B2C and B2B companies, to charities and government organisations, including the the National Trust, Nationwide Building Society, Nokia and the UK Government's Cabinet Office. Prior to going independent Tim worked for 17 years in magazine publishing, at Future Publishing and Immediate Media. He now provides training and consultancy to some of the UK's leading publishing and media organisations, including Time Inc, Harper Collins, Hachette UK, The Telegraph Media Group, News International, Reed Business Information, Egmont UK and BBC Magazines.

London (W1W 8SS)

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