B2B Marketing Update: 20 Essentials in 20 Minutes

The IDM has had a long tradition of supporting the B2B Marketing Expo and this year is no exception. As part of the IDM Training Academy, I'll be presenting one of the nine "bitesize digital marketing -training sessions". My session is 'B2B Marketing Essentials: 20 essentials in 20 minutes'.

I think we can all agree, the pace of change in B2B marketing is phenomenal. Sometimes it can all be a bit overwhelming so it's a good idea sometimes to take a step back and ask that question, "Am I missing something?" or "Could I be approaching my role differently?".

That is the exact reason to attend a trade show like B2B Marketing Expo. It's a chance to understand what services, applications and techniques are available. Whilst also listening and connecting with people, agencies and organisations. Every marketer that attends should find something or someone who can help them create more success in their role.

This is exactly why the IDM has provided support, encouragement and been committed to improve marketing performance for over 30 years. The IDM create development programmes to help marketers at every level of business to be the best that they can be. This 'B2B Marketing Essentials' session covers 20 topics in a very short space of time. It's a whistle stop tour of all that is current and relevant today.

From GDPR, to understanding your markets and customers, to planning and building campaigns that deliver results - 20 essentials in 20 minutes. The session will be a quick-fire overview of the essential steps that you as a B2B marketer need to take to help you plan and ensure the success of your B2B marketing activities.

I will be covering the follow topics:

  1. Objectives - Define your marketing objectives, what are you trying to achieve? Increase sales or brand awareness?
  2. Resources - What is available? Budget or Bodies
  3. Audience - Existing or Net New Customers
  4. Communication - Implementing an Inbound vs Outbound strategy
  5. Content - What is available and what does the audience respond to? What type of content can you produce?
  6. Data Capture - Data Management & GDPR, what does it all mean?
  7. The Campaign Mix - The Integrated Approach including PR & Social Media
  8. Planning & Testing - Write a plan with timings, budget and allow time to test
  9. Applications & Automation - How can technology assist in your marketing campaigns?
  10. Campaign Metrics - What to measure and when to measure? Presenting metrics to sales.

Find out more on this topic at the IDM's B2B Marketing: the Complete Guide course.

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