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Introducing: Corporate Online Learning


Build knowledge, at scale.

The IDM’s new Corporate Online Learning solution works for individuals, teams, and businesses.

From bite-sized, quick-learn modules that focus on specific personal and business needs to longer, more forensic studies worthy of a Professional Qualification, Corporate Online Learning offers bespoke learning pathways that help you grow your expertise, upskill your team members, and ensure you retain your key talent.

Here’s how it works.

Modular study: Learn what you need, when you need

You and your organisation will work in specific ways, confronting specific challenges.

To help you meet your needs and ensure you have the right skills at the right time, we have created a range of bite-sized, module-scale study options.

With over 100 modules offering content at a tactical, strategic, and leadership level, we have the content to support your unique needs and improve the performance of your marketing function.

All informed by practitioner-led insight around the wants and needs of teams across the data and marketing industry, through Corporate Online Learning - served via the DMA Hub you can choose to study individual lessons that run under particular thematic areas:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is at the heart of great marketing communications.

Understand how to implement it, measure it, and develop strategic content plans.


Learn how to work with creative teams and manage your creative assets to build slicker, more effective campaigns with our package of creative lessons.


Data is at the very heart of intelligent marketing. It guides our decision making - and helps us to truly understand our audiences.

Get the inside track on everything from segmentation to analysis, from testing to turning data into insights.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising helps marketers get results in acquiring new business - and matches the right audiences with your products.

Develop your expertise in SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing.

Email Marketing

Email is now a veteran tool in the marketing mix, but new ways of using it as a method of communication emerge constantly.

Stay in the know and learn new tricks with online lessons that cover email campaign, channel and measurement topics.


Underpin your marketing campaigns with sound budgeting, measurement and mathematical approaches.

We’ll help you bring it all together so you can get the most out of what you spend.

Mobile Marketing

Your audiences behave differently depending on the device you connect with them on.

It's crucial to get an understanding of what this means for mobile. Dig into online lessons that cover strategic intros, through to developing that strategy and measuring your outcomes.

Planning & Strategy

Learn how to build a truly integrated marketing strategy.

Take away insights and practical applications from the core principles of marketing planning and strategy, through to key learnings around nuances such as influencer marketing, change planning and CRMs.

Print Mail

A truly integrated marketing mix will often feature the tactile impact of print mail.

Discover why this classic medium remains robust and effective – and build more impactful campaigns as a result.

Responsible Marketing

Intelligent marketing is responsible, and that means putting your customer at the heart of everything you do.

Delve into the GDPR, learn how to protect brand reputation and value, and get the latest expert-led insight on the regulatory space that governs what you do.

Social Media

From the strategic to the tactical, analysis to measurement – and with best practice guidance on everything, including engaging influencers and leveraging your consumer data – revamp your campaign thinking with a lesson that will shine a light on every aspect of the vast social ecosystem.


Your website is your first impression, but it so often lives apart from your marketing thinking.

Flip those perceptions around and learn why you can get great value – and impact – from a customer-centric site that becomes an effective weapon in your marketing armoury.

Professional Qualifications

Many of our online courses offer Professional Qualifications once completed.

It’s a great way for you and your teams to deepen skillsets, acquire new learning and build stronger CVs.

All our online courses are created by experienced industry practitioners, using content that is unique to the IDM.

There are study options available at Certificate and Award levels.

You can learn more about our offering here, including the topic areas we cover.

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