Helping Charities to Comply with Data Protection Requirements

Charities have been very much under the spotlight with the Information Commissioner's Office over the last couple of years. Following the British Heart Foundation and RSPCA fines late last year, the ICO has recently fined a further eleven charities for infringements of the Data Protection Act. The latest fines focus on three key activities which the ICO has ruled contravene data protection laws:

• Sharing data with other charities; no matter what the cause

• Ranking supporters based on their wealth

• Sourcing additional information about supporters that wasn't provided by them

The IDM recognises that charities want to do their very best to protect their supporters data and are keen to comply with the law. But they often need help to fully understand the requirements and intricacies of the DP laws as they affect charitable organisations. As well as get a handle on the requirements for the new General Data Protection Regulation, which becomes enforceable in May 2018. So we have created the IDM Professional Certificate in GDPR. We would love to see you there.

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