If Time Is Your Enemy When Writing Copy – Make It Your Friend!

If time is your enemy when writing copy - make it your friend!

The Introduction to Copywriting course will kick-start your creativity so that you can respond to writing a brief quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Time; it can be your biggest enemy in the working day. You've got deadlines to meet, meetings to make, work to do, people to see. And it's all governed by time - or lack of it. And when someone asks you to write copy in a hurry - well that can really cause panic. What do you write? Where do you start? How are you going to get it done in time?

First of all, don't panic. Just give yourself a few moments to ask yourself a few simple questions before you even consider putting pen to paper.

  • Who's your target audience?
  • How do they think?
  • How do they feel about your products and services?
  • And most important of all, what do they want to hear about what you're selling?

Once you've figured all that out, you can quickly start the creative writing process in the role of both writer and recipient. Imagine you are a member of the target audience. Is what you're writing the kind of thing you'd want to hear if you were a member of that audience?

Or are you, that target audience member, having to put up with you, as writer, simply wanting to tell the target audience what you want to tell them - whether they like it or not?

If you've used the word "we" in the first sentence, you're already going wrong.

You're talking about your company or your product - telling them what you want to tell them - and you're already boring the target audience to death. Use the word "you" instead, and you're heading in the right direction because you're acknowledging the target audience, putting their needs first, and telling them what they want to hear.

And make sure you put lots of warmth and emotion in that first paragraph; it's a one-to-one chat with one person, not a mass broadcast to a crowd of people. Include lots of emotive benefits as well - reasons why they should buy your product, such as: it will make you happy. It will make your life easier. It will make you more popular, loved, admired and adored. That's what people want to hear!

Once you've got this process in your head, you'll be surprised how quickly you can come up with creative copy - because you're always putting yourself in the position of your target audience, so you'll instinctively know what they want to hear; job done!

If you'd like to get to grips with this approach in detail; if you'd like to hone your creative powers, and work with a time-served copywriter to define, refine and turbo-charge your copywriting - then come and join us on the Introduction to Copywriting Course.

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