Is your content marketing smart enough?

Content marketing, we all do it in some way, shape or form. Even if you just share a post, you're working in the realm of content marketing. But are you actually using best practices? Or are you on the same content bandwagon as everyone else?

Suffice to say, you aren't using content marketing best practices. None of us are. Our actions are currently killing content sharing as it stands. The market is saturated in content. Less than 50% of posts are shared more than 8 times. But we still continue producing constant content in the hope that ours gets noticed.

Why are we not practicing best practices with content marketing?

In short, content marketing hasn't fully yet developed and we actually all need to take a step back and look at this objectively together. Content marketing is no longer the infant we thought it was. Nor is it an adult that can work in the business world. Instead, it is an adolescent constantly growing and changing. What we do next with content marketing will define exactly what it becomes for marketers the world over.

So how can we make our content marketing smarter?

Once we stop trying to compete with each other with content, we will soon see our engagement levels become more successful and our voices become louder in the crowd. We have already started by developing dynamic content within our email campaigns to deliver the right content to the right audiences. What we need to do next is find a way to do this on larger content channels with blog posts, videos and whitepapers.

...and in the meantime?

If you're looking to get ahead now, your content needs to only follow a few simple, smart steps. The main one being:

It needs to be original and about your business. With so much information on the same topic, competing with a larger organisation with a higher following on the same topic is pointless. Instead, promoting how the value of your business works within best practice will set your content apart again. For example; why connectivity with X is more effective than the current cloud giants.

If you want to learn how to create effective and engaging content as well as gain a complete understanding of what makes a successful content marketing strategy, then why not enrol onto the next Content Marketing course?

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