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Q&A: How Jacob Lovewell progressed his career with the IDM Postgraduate Diploma


Our Marketing Diplomas are packed with leadership skills and strategies, tailored for senior marketers like you.

In this Q&A, we speak to Jacob Lovewell, Senior Strategist at RAPP UK, who credits his IDM Diploma for his promotion and salary boost.

How does your IDM qualification rank among your career highlights? 

Making the choice to do the IDM Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing turned out to be the key inflection point in my career. I have never had formal training before; so much of working in advertising and marketing is absorbed and learned on the job, leaving my knowledge feeling patchy and spotty. So having formal lessons and tutoring were invaluable.

The things I have learned – and the understanding I have gained – have not only given me the tools to succeed, but also the confidence to do so. The self-belief and the skillset that the Diploma gave to me have enabled me to lead more projects at work, earn a promotion, and a better salary.

What influenced your decision to pursue a diploma?

Because the IDM is part of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) I was sure that I was getting not only the best training and knowledge but also the most industry relevant. I wasn’t looking for theoretical accreditation: I wanted knowledge and skills that I could synthesise and apply to my day job.

I did my research and knew that everything in my course would help me further my career. Thanks to the DMA’s reputation I was able to get buy-in easily from my agency, as they agreed that this knowledge and training would prove invaluable to my career.

Which aspects of your diploma have been the most beneficial to you?

I use a great deal of the course knowledge in my day-to-day work. This comes in the form of the course content that I studied and could transfer over, but also the softer skills and understanding of the bigger picture.

Coming from an agency background it was genuinely fascinating to see and hear the ‘other’ perspective and opinions from brand-side marketers. Hearing – and seeing – first-hand the viewpoints of clients means that I can understand their motivations and concerns and plan accordingly.

The taught knowledge is of excellent use, but I wasn’t expecting soft skills like empathy, discipline, and confidence to be just as beneficial.

What is the importance of qualifications and training for marketers in today's world?

As a Senior Strategist in an agency, I am often relied upon for guidance and opinions on a manner of different marketing projects. Having a title like this not only imbues confidence in the clients I work with but also proves to me that I have the consolidated knowledge needed to progress.

The course materials are something that I constantly refer to, coming in handy whenever I have a question or project that needs this detail.

Do you have any advice for those trying to take their marketing career to the next level? 

I would really recommend doing a course with the IDM. The taught knowledge will be a massive help in day-to-day work, but the softer benefits (confidence, empathy, discipline, ways of approaching tasks, and so on) will come in just as handy.

It is a commitment to do, so making sure that you have the time and energy to invest is key. I went into it with the desire to learn as much as I could to then apply to work – and that’s what I did. I strongly believe that this course helped me to progress as I have done.

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