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Q&A: How Kurt Kirby became a smarter marketer with the IDM Professional Diploma


Thousands of savvy marketers have already taken the leap and upgraded their skills with an IDM Professional Diploma.

And it's paying off big time. From higher salaries to job promotions, the benefits are endless!

Just ask Kurt Kirby. After graduating, he landed his dream marketing role. Want to follow in his footsteps? Check out his story below.

How does your IDM qualification rank among your career highlights? 

The IDM Professional Marketing Diploma was an extremely rewarding experience that has played a pivotal role in my career. It developed my practical skills and theoretical understanding, setting me on a successful career path.

Since graduating, I have worked at a tech affiliate agency and am now a Performance Marketing Specialist at QVC. The IDM Diploma has been crucial in getting me where I am today.

What influenced your decision to pursue a diploma?

As an affiliate marketing specialist working on the network side, I had some knowledge of other digital channels, but I wanted to develop this further.

This would not only benefit my own career but also ensure I was able to understand my client’s needs and handle objections, which frequently involved resistance from other channels.

I can confidently say that the IDM course provided me with a more well-rounded view of the digital marketing landscape.

Which aspects of your diploma have been the most beneficial to you?

I found the combination of theoretical learning and practical application to be very effective in aiding my learning and understanding of the full marketing mix.

I thoroughly enjoyed the in-class element, not only because of the enjoyable delivery by marketing experts but for the opportunity to mingle and learn with and from other like-minded individuals.

What is the importance of qualifications and training for marketers in today's world?

Marketing is extremely fast paced. A trend today can become old tomorrow. However, the fundamentals of how to make the most of opportunities before they emerge (and how to spot them early), are a core value of industry relevant upskilling.

As a performance marketer, I place a great deal of importance on data. I took a lot of value from the best practices taught in the IDM course on effectively analysing data and using the insights gained to inform strategy and drive action.

Do you have any advice for those trying to take their marketing career to the next level? 

Be curious, brave, and excited to learn. The grades you receive are not as important as the journey. I constantly remind myself that failure is just another interesting data point to analyse and learn from. This was certainly true in my experience at the IDM as I learned so much very quickly simply by turning up and getting involved.

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