The force of Facebook

Facebook is not a force to be reckoned with; it's one of the many social media channels that have become a part of our everyday lives. It's a place for us to catch up with friends and family, consume content, find out the latest news and share every part of our lives. Love it or hate it, Facebook is certainly here to stay.

But are marketers leveraging the power of Facebook as much as they should be?

Having a strong social media strategy, as we know, plays a huge part in engaging our customers and raising brand awareness. Facebook is a major player within that strategy. But are you using it enough? Perhaps these figures will sway your opinion.

According to recent stats from Facebook's community update, the reach and sheer power Facebook has within the industry is phenomenal.

  • 1.65 billion are on Facebook each month - billion!
  • 1 billion are using WhatsApp each month
  • 900 million use messenger each month
  • 400 million are on Instagram

And that's not all

We were all waiting for that moment when Facebook would introduce the dislike feature. Not only did they introduce it but launched multiple other reactions for us to take advantage of. Like, love, sad, angry! With these new features, marketers can be more creative in they way they create content, allowing for a whole new level of engagement with their customers.

Other new features that Facebook have launched include the exciting new live video. Following in the footsteps of Snapchat and Periscope, Facebook Live allows marketers to instantaneously reach out to their desired audience through the power of real time. Live streaming is one of the many new and exciting ways marketers can enhance their marketing efforts and reach out to perspective new customers.

Not just a social media platform, Facebook is taking engagement and connectivity to a whole new level. It's constantly developing and re-inventing itself, which probably explains why it never goes away.

This continual development and interaction with customers is the perfect platform for marketers to speak and engage with their audience - so why not take advantage?

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