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Introducing: The Resource Centre


Our Resource Centre is the hub of our intelligent marketing approach.

It pulls together a library of information from the finest minds of the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) – and comes together with the IDM’s research and supporting course materials.

The Resource Centre is always open for DMA Hub students.

The centre is packed with research insight and practical learning materials to inspire your next campaign, help shape your business values, and improve your marketing performance.

Here’s a snippet of the learning materials DMA Hub students can access.

DMA Guides

There are seven DMA Guides written by leading practitioners, creative leaders and business owners from the DMA’s Councils and Committees community.

Data Guide

The GDPR outlines six principles you must adhere to when dealing with consumer data. This guide will help you align with these principles.

Email Guide

Email has risen to become the most frequently used channel for one-to-one contact with consumers.

The versatility and flexibility of email means that marketers' use of the channel is only limited by their imagination.

Social Media Guide

Social networks allow people and businesses to engage with large numbers of individuals with an immediacy and frequency that traditional media cannot provide. This DMA Guide will help you get the best out of online channels.

Inserts Guide

Inserts are one of the most powerful one-to-one marketing options available, combining the creative power of advertising mail with the reach and low cost of press.

Advertising Mail Guide

Advertising mail is continually evolving, finding ever-more innovative ways to integrate with the latest digital tech. But every marketer is fully aware of the issues arising when ad mail hits the doormats of people who don't want to receive it. This DMA Guide is an integrated approach that will help you get the most out of ad mail in the 21st century.

Telemarketing Guide

Picking up the phone and having a conversation can be the most powerful way to convert a consumer into a customer. Of course, using such a personal medium means getting it right could not be more important.

Door Drops Guide

This is the A-Z of door drops. Everything you need to know in order to plan, design, execute and deliver a door drop campaign.

The DMA Awards – winners’ case studies

The DMA Awards are the most rewardingly hard-to-win awards in the UK creative, data and marketing industries.

They attract entries from leading agencies, brave brand and innovative martech suppliers, and thinkers

Handpicked experts apply a rigorous judging process across strategy, creativity and results, helping to create benchmarks for excellence.

The case studies of each of these award winners are available via the Resource Centre.

It’s a great way to dig into the mechanics of work that works, with plenty to learn from and apply to your own campaigns.

You’ll appreciate the compelling ways creative is crafted; get a strategic head start for your next campaign with a look behind the scenes at why the work worked; appreciate what it takes to get results that blow the competition away.

Articles, Infographics and Research

Keep your marketing and data teams informed and up-to-date with access to content that looks at future trends, tech evolutions, legislative change - and offers you the chance to benchmark your progress and performance.

Our article, infographic and research work spans five key thematic areas from the data and marketing universe:

  • Value of Data
  • Customer Engagement
  • DMA Awards
  • Responsible Marketing
  • Great British Creativity

The Resource Centre

Take a look around the Resource Centre by watching the video below.

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