Why is so much content not working? And what to do about it

Brands have woken up to engagement, you understand that you need to add value to the customer experience. In a world where your competitor, or a more interesting item is a click away, a clever brand knows that it's not good enough to just grab attention, you need to keep it, nurture it and build the opportunity into commitment.

A lot happens in an internet minute. Our lives are complicated, complex, full of information and, as we know from the recent false news coverage, mis-information.

Source: https://bluesyemre.com/2017/03/21/this-is-what-happens-in-an-internet-minute-infographic/

Many brands feel compelled to create large amounts of content, to appear on numerous social media channels, and to send high volumes of outbound marketing to remind consumers they exist, to cut through the noise.

It's frustrating and costly for a business, investing time, effort and money if they see little interest or effect.

Source: https://www.marketingweek.com/2017/03/15/marketoonist-content-marketing-overload/

So why is so much content marketing not working?

Probably because it is starts from the wrong point.

Content marketing isn't "all about me - the brand", it is "all about you - the consumer".

It isn't about telling everyone everything about your brand over and over again in a blog, whitepaper, video, tweet, Facebook Ad, email, press ad, etc, etc, etc,.

It is about empathy, understanding and self-realisation.

Great content happens when you focus on the Content Sweet Spot. Make sure you know your audience needs, have something unique and credible to offer in their fulfilment, and that you share a passion, an interest with your audience in this area.

That way your content will be responsive, valuable, emotive and memorable. You will grab attention, keep it, and feed the relationship.

So how can you get your content right?

  1. START - by putting the customer first - get under the skin of your audience, know what they care about and why in your space. What is holding them back, turning them off or turning them on?
  2. PAUSE - by challenging yourself - are you saying anything new, are you credible, are you interesting to your audience? If so, share your expertise freely, don't hide it behind a firewall. This is what makes you valuable to them.
  3. STOP! - and be ruthless, if you aren't producing great content - Think again, do less but do it well. You don't have to be in every social channel - you do need to say and offer something new.

Like so much in life - quality beats quantity every time.

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