Why strategic content is fundamental to marketing performance

You would expect strategic content in today's digital world to be at the heart of any business that has an online presence. So why do so many businesses lack a structured content framework?

  • 70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy. (Altimeter)
  • 80% of B2B marketers have a content marketing strategy. (32% documented, 48% not documented) (Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs)
  • 72% of marketers have a content strategy in place (30% documented; 42% non-documented) (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community)

What is a content strategy and why do we need one?

In essence, this is a structured approach which helps organisations align content with the business objectives. Marketers can then identify the right channels to deliver the right message at the right time, ensuring the customer receives a consistent message across all channels.

It's not just about the outbound

Most organisations I have seen over the years fall into the trap of simply pushing content for the sake of it or because they feel they have to as their key competitors are doing so. The most effective organisations adopt 2 core principles:

  • 1. less is more
  • 2. it's about a dialogue where consumers are free to engage

The Hero, Hub and Hygiene approach

Sustainable plans categorise their content into 3 core areas:

Hero Content - supporting the above the line activity, normally 1-2 bursts a year
Hub Content - this could be supporting product initiatives, normally 4-6 bursts a year
Hygiene Content - this is the 'always on' approach and usually lives on social media

It is this methodology that has worked so well for the FMCG and automotive industries, where experiences are then translated into product messaging then into daily conversational content direct with the consumer to further immerse them in the brand.

Constantly learning and evolving

It is so important to clearly understand the core KPI's of the content. Brand awareness is very different to direct response and your KPI's will need to reflect this. So many times organisations get wrapped up in the creativity and forget what success and the learnings will inform future campaigns.

If you would like to learn how to create an effective content strategy, check out Andy's Content Marketing Strategy training course. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the components that make up a content strategy and the importance of creating a framework.

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