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Knowledge & Network: digital trends to watch in 2014 - Panel debate

Panel debate: reflections and forecasts for 2014; Omaid Hiwaizi, Chief Strategy Officer, Geometry Global UK; Richard Hartigan, Industry Manager - Technology, Google; Zoe Sands, Head of Digital EMEA, Juniper Network; David Balko, Brand Director at Tribal Worldwide; Murgo Ross, Head of Solution Design at Lateral Group

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Knowledge & Network: digital trends to watch in 2014

The Institute of Physics, Portland Place. Will this year’s big digital trends pass the time test and be effective into 2014? Our Digital Council shared their thoughts.

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IDM Annual Lecture 2013: Success Reimagined

On November 13 at the Emirates Stadium, Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft UK explored how forward-thinking businesses have made deep-seated changes to the way their organisations work, and have achieved greatness as a result.

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