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During this course you will learn to:

  • Develop strategies to make sure marketing and sales work perfectly together
  • Set realistic targets for your programme and what it can achieve
  • Find the best companies to include in your programme
  • Choose the technology you need to make it all work
  • Plan the content and communications to make sure you succeed

Course Categories: B2B Marketing

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1 day (7 CPD hours)

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Course Information

What is Account Based Marketing?

Definitions and explanations of key terminology
Why ABM has become the most talked about topic in B2B marketing
Common ABM misconceptions
Skills and resources needed to run an ABM programme

Align sales and marketing

Set the programme's key aims
Map out the key stages of the sales process
Understand the needs of sales people
Explore the key responsibilities of team members and their relationships
Resources you need to run your campaign
Set goals and objectives
Make sure everyone has realistic expectations
Set meaningful and measurable targets along the way
Agree responsibilities across your organisation
Set key measures for success

Choose target accounts

How to choose the best targets
The optimum number of companies to include
Find the stakeholders in each company
What criteria to use when choosing
How to gather information to assess potential targets
Data sources

Customer journey mapping and defining content needs

Planning typical customer journeys
Media selection
Publisher partnerships
Other tools to help you
Making your content stand out

Structure CRM and marketing automation

What technology or tools do you need?
What are the best alternatives?
What to ask when choosing tech partners

Roll out campaigns

Increase ABM volumes without losing your focus
Use the principles of Account Based Advertising
Keep the sales people on side

ABM to grow existing customers

Division between ABM for existing clients and prospects
Building client accounts using ABM principles
Turning clients into advocates
How existing major accounts can help recruit new ones
Keep Account Managers onside

In B2B companies:

Marketing Managers
Marketing Directors
Communications Managers
Marketers will have the tools to set up and run ABM programmes
Account Based Marketing is the most talked about subject in B2B, particularly because users find that employing an ABM strategy significantly improves the effectiveness of marketing activity.

David Hearn F IDM, Managing Director, AHK

David Hearn F IDM has been a marketer for 30 years, starting at the Economist, before moving to agency FCB, working for British Airways and The Australian Tourist Commission. He then became co-owner of direct and digital agency AHK, developing successful customer acquisition and retention programmes for, amongst others, Royal Mail, 3M, Canon and Adobe.

David is now working in creative technology for Arcstream AV, delivering interactive marketing solutions for major brands including Ford, GSK, EY and Schroders. Helping bridge digital and face-to-face engagements.

With wide experience in both B2C and B2B markets, he has been sharing his expertise and experience for over 20 years as a trainer and tutor for the IDM. David also lectures at universities and delivers a series of online professional training webinars.

London (W1W 8SS)

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