Business Cards - Are They Covered by the GDPR?

Your desk is full of business cards. So are the desks of all your colleagues. Will the GDPR mean we should bin the lot of them?

In a word - no.

Business cards are such an intrinsic part of modern business that it's almost impossible to imagine life without them.

And you don't have to imagine business without them.

Picture yourself at a trade show, where you have collected dozens of business cards and plan to send them your brochure.

Wait. You don't have permission. You don't have consent.

Can you do this?

Yes you can. You do not need consent before you send individual emails.

But, you should tell the person receiving the email that you will add their contact details to your general marketing database.

Do tell them which marketing channels you will use.

Most important of all - offer them the chance to unsubscribe or opt-out but in a way that's easy and clear to use.

No need to bin those business cards just yet...

The GDPR isn't just your responsibility, it's the responsibility of everyone in your company. To meet the Accountability requirements of the GDPR the ICO expects companies to demonstrate awareness at every level of their organisation. See how we can help you meet these requirement with IDM Professional Certificate in GDPR.

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