Copwriters, Get To The Point!

Virtually all outbound marketing is, in effect, direct marketing. Whether you deploy it online or offline your aim is to communicate directly with the prospect or customer.
Your customers are busy people. They're smart and very impatient. That's why when you have something to offer them it pays to get straight to the point.
Yet so many marketers cannot resist the temptation to begin their copy with a few sentences that set the scene, establish the need, or boast about their experience, resources or client list. This approach wastes time and opportunity.
The most experienced and well-trained copywriters understand the importance and power of structure. So when they write for direct and digital marketing they avoid the conventional narrative approach (deductive structure) and opt instead for the one that demands the greatest attention (inductive structure). Deductive structure leads to the value proposition whereas inductive structure leads with it. In other words, it gets straight to the point.
There's a lot you can learn about the copy structures that engage and persuade best and those that will leave your customers cold and your sales pipeline empty. To boost your writing capability and results, come along to Paul's one-day Copywriting Masterclass at the IDM in London on 16th March.

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