Digital skills are more important than ever

The United Kingdom is facing a "digital skills crisis". According to reports, a massive 12.6 million adults in the UK lack basic digital skills, so with stats like these, businesses across the UK need to address their team's skills set.

The report from The Commons Science and Technology Committee shows that the skills gap is costing the UK economy £63 billion a year in lost GDP. Right through from studying to the workplace, the digital skills gap is apparent at every level.

Keeping your skills up to date has never been so important.

So what do we do?

Get learning and improve your knowledge. The most successful marketers require regular updates to their skill sets, knowledge, and practices. If we are ever to close the skills gap, learning the correct and relevant skills will not only boost your own personal development but enhance the future success of your own business.

Train your team

Finding and developing highly skilled digital marketers has always been one of the most challenging jobs in business. With digital becoming a fundamental factor for the success of many organisations, it has never been more important to embrace digital transformation for your company and improve your team's digital capabilities.

That's where we can help. Our corporate training is designed to help organisations build effective and talented world-class marketing teams. We equip teams across the country with the key skills and knowledge to plan, strategise and deliver effective marketing campaigns that deliver on ROI, helping companies embrace the world of digital transformation.

Get disruptive and tackle this problem head on, equip your team to keep them relevant and up-to-date. Grasp the concept of continual evolution and development to show potential new clients and employees that you're worth investing in. But hey, don't just believe us; hear what our clients have to say.

Learn the skills to become the next generation of marketers

In the report, the committee's chair, Nicola Blackwood, said: "The UK leads Europe on tech, but we need to take concerted action to avoid falling behind. We need to make sure tomorrow's workforce is leaving school or university with the digital skills that employers need."

If the younger generation is to become the next phase of digital experts, the need to be equipped with the right skills and capabilities is vital.

Evidently, from this report, there is a need for training. From short courses in key subject areas such as digital copywriting, social media and email marketing, to comprehensive professional qualifications.

We have everything needed for digital marketers to expand their understanding of new channels, techniques, and technology, empowering themselves for success.

As Europe's leading training and qualifications organisation for the digital, direct, and data-driven marketing profession, we've trained more than 70,000 students across 28 countries. Join us today.

Whatever level or type of training you need, make sure you do something to address the skills gap and keep up to date and keep current. It's never been more important to do so.

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