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During this course you will learn:

  • Identify what coaching is (and isn't)
  • Appreciate how an 'ask, not tell' management style improves performance
  • Establish the skills of a great coach
  • Put coaching models into practice

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1 day (6 CPD hours)

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Qualification Information

What is coaching?

We’ll explore coaching, its origins, and how it’s similar to, but different from, mentoring.

The manager as coach

Why a coaching approach to management can be so powerful, particularly in today’s high-paced and fast-changing world. We’ll identify barriers to coaching your team and how to overcome them.

When to coach

When coaching can be powerful and how it fits with other management interventions.

The skills of a great coach

The core skills for coaching and some practical (and fun) exercises to bring them to life.

Coaching models

Some of the coaching models available: what works best where?

Coaching practise

Try out your new coaching skills and experience the power of being coached yourself.

This course is perfect for marketers developing their skills in managing others and who want to explore the power of coaching to improve their team’s performance.
In today’s fast-moving and time-poor world, managers often believe it’s quicker to tell their people what to do, or even do it themselves, rather than effectively coach them. As a result they end up with too much on their own plate and a team struggling to keep up.

This one-day session explores the skills of coaching, and gives you practical exercises to bring out the best in your people and their performance.

Emma Shelton-Smith

Emma Shelton-Smith is a HR strategist, trainer and coach with extensive experience in the marketing communications industry, having worked in agencies for more than twenty years.
From senior client facing roles working with the likes of BMW, Barclays and Scottish Power, she switched to talent management at a creative ageny, before being appointed to the board as Operations DIrector.
Emma set up Slipstream in 2011 to help established and emerging leaders in the creative world reach their full potential through a blend of coaching, mentoring, training and consultancy. 

Oxford Brookes University (OX3 0BP)

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