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During your Professional Diploma in Data-Driven Marketing with B2B, you will learn to:

  • Understand the principles of data-driven marketing
  • Capture and manage customer data
  • Plan, develop and optimise the customer journey
  • Look at segmentation methodologies and targeted data-driven marketing
  • Maximise your campaigns by using measurement tools and analysis techniques

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This course was previously called the Professional Diploma in Direct & Digital Marketing (with B2B). The syllabus has been updated, and the new title reflects the changes and updates made. There have been no changes to the level or core learnings of this course.

Course availability 

start study mode location member non-member exam fee
Day release Central London (W1W 8SS) £3225.00 £3225.00 £245.00
more info
book until 20 Nov 2018
venue DMA House, 70 Margaret Street
study periods 20 November, 04 December, 18 December, 08 January, 22 January, 05 February
B2B course dates: 14 - 15 February 2019
exam dates June 2019
Intensive Central London (W1W 8SS) £3225.00 £3225.00 £245.00
more info
book until 11 Feb 2019
venue DMA House, 70 Margaret Street
study periods 11 - 13 Feb 2019
7 - 9 May 2019
14 - 15 Feb 2019 (B2B dates)
exam dates November 2019

NB: Prices above subject to VAT.

Course information


This programme is the equivalent to a level 6 qualification or to bachelor’s degree level and is made up of 10 modules.

This programme is the equivalent to a level 6 qualification or to bachelor’s degree level and is made up of 10 modules.

Module 1 – The Data-Driven Marketing mix
Learning Objective Understand the purpose and underlying principles of data-driven marketing and how to plan and manage the marketing mix.
  • Purpose of Marketing – Find, Attract Retain and Grow Customers
  • Current and future challenges facing Marketing 
  • Marketing theory. Marketing practice. What is brand positioning?
  • Challenging the silos of Marketing 
  • What it takes to be a data-driven marketing team and business
Module 2 – Customer Relationship Marketing....or Management?
Learning Objective: Understanding how customers generate value for businesses, how to measure and evaluate and apply for maximum profit and ROI.
  • The principles of Lifetime Customer Value and Data-Driven Marketing Communications planning
  • The challenges of personalisation 
  • Implications for data-driven Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • How to collect, validate, analyse and apply data to become a customer focussed business
  • How customer and commercial data and play leading role in Business strategy 
  • Technology to support CRM 
  • How to  maximise ROI from Marketing investment

Module 3 – Privacy, Compliance and the law
Learning Objective The principles of managing data to enable a successful data driven business in a time of changing consumer expectations.
  • Overview of the marketer’s legal obligations and consumer rights
  • The changing way that consumers view their data and privacy
  • Principles of responsible marketing and DMA code of conduct
  • GDPR, PECR now and E-Privacy regulations arriving in 2019
  • UK preference services – what they are and how should they be applied. 
  • How to meet consumer expectations and retain brand trust 
Module 4 – Customer Insight for Marketing
Learning objective Understanding how customers think and behave and how you can use data and research to generate insight.
  • Consumer buying theory – Sales funnel and ‘Ladder of Loyalty’ 
  • Consumer buying in practice and the modern context to communication 
  • What is brand positioning and how do we compete?
  • How does the consumer think and behave, as they consider and buy?
  • Implications for successful data-driven marketing communications  
  • What is Big data? 
  • How do we capture and manage data for a Single Customer View (SCV) 
  • Segmentation and personalisation – customer relevance, data-driven marketing and business planning,
  • Segmentation methodologies and targeted marketing. 
Module 5 – Customer Service experience strategy for ROI & Profit
Learning Objective Learn about tools and techniques to understand the customer journey and how segmentation and testing can create the most relevant and profitable customer experience
  • Planning the most relevant customer journey and managing segments 
  • Developing supporting service execution 
    • Service experience
    • Optimising ‘Bricks & mortar’ and digital experience and delivery
    • People – retail, remote (Call centrere)
    • Planning a Customer Contact strategy and communications
    • Customer data requirements for personalised experience
  • Testing and measurement to continually optimise the Customer journey 
Module 6 - Data-Driven Customer Acquisition strategy
Learning Objective Understand the range of data-driven media to reach consumers who find your brand most relevant and how to compare, evaluate and integrate for optimum mix and ROI
  • Media research and analytical tools 
  • Media mix – the role of different media, planning and implementation
  • Information, costs by media
  • Accurate tracking, Measurement relevance
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Optimising the mix and integrating media to drive overall impact and ROI
Module 7 – Retaining your best customers 
Learning Objective Learn how to plan, develop and implement a mix of marketing channels to increase the preference your customers have for your brand
  • The bonds that can exist between customers and brands. 
  • Where to focus our efforts – LTV, RFV, Propensity modelling and segmentation
  • Defining the Customer lifecycle and relevant contact strategies
  • Customer communication – Direct, Digital, Social CRM and Service communications
  • Permissions – how to ask and optimise positive response
Module 8 – Creative strategy – communicating relevantly and persuasively
Learning Objective Understand the core principles of data-driven marketing communications and how to apply them. 
  • Why briefs are as important to business as they are to creative development
  • How to write a powerful proposition
  • How to apply customer insight to the creative brief
Module 9 – Testing to continually improve marketing performance
Learning Objective Learn how to plan and manage data for reliable testing.
  • Why do we test?
  • Testing – what to test?
  • Building test matrices
  • Testing Offline – DRTV, Press, Direct Mail, Door drop
  • Testing Online – Path to Purchase (PTP), PPC, E Mail, Social
  • Understanding the statistical principles to create a valid test
  • The roles for market research in data-driven marketing
Module 10 – Planning and implementing Data-Driven Marketing Communications Campaigns
Learning Objective Understand how to prepare for and develop a structured approach to data-driven marketing communications planning
  • Planning and managing the process
  • Choosing, briefing and co-ordinating resources
  • Campaign management tools
    • Process including PERT and GANNT
    • Campaign team management
    • Refining the campaign
  • Campaign evaluation, optimisation and management 

B2B Specialism Additional Modules
The syllabus for your new B2B specialism consists of two extra days of face-to-face tuition with industry experts: a masterclass in business marketing. Over the course of nine comprehensive modules you will be immersed in B2B theory and industry case-studies, with a strong emphasis on applying what you’ve learned from your existing Diploma studies to a B2B-specific context.
Programme: Day 1
Module 1: The B2B marketing landscape – now and the future
  • The B2B landscape: markets, media and buying behaviour
  • Our changing world: political, economic, societal, technology, environmental and legislative shifts impacting on b2b marketing; understanding disruptive forces from consumer demand to innovation in the world of work
  • New competitors and business transformation, what do you need to prepare for?
  • Business Brands that are leading the way
  • Data driven strategic thinking to ensure your tactics work

Module 2: Measurable marketing - learning from the best on and offline business campaigns
  • Using award winning b2b case studies, you will learn what leading companies are doing to increase their success in acquiring new customers and how you can focus on what will make a difference to your business
  • Focus on Measurable marketing – how and what to track off and online

Module 3: Marketing Operations
  • What do you need? Looking at the different resources required to support the different b2b routes to market and changing customer needs
  • E commerce, Self-serve, digital channels
  • Partner, reseller, distributor marketing
  • Multichannel v Integrated approach, why practice lags the theory
  • Benchmarking your business, measuring marketing impact and where to focus
  • Briefing and using suppliers, applying best practice

Module 4: How to align marketing to the business strategy and collaborate across the company for success
  • Getting buy in from the board
  • From stakeholder management to internal communications and marketing – what is it and how to do it
  • Understanding key areas for alignment: Sales/IT/Customer service and more
  • Talking the same language – applying key marketing definitions through the funnel
  • Who owns the lead? Setting Service Level Agreements with internal and external partners
  • Doing what matters to drive revenue: How to deliver sales ready leads

Module 5: Data - Customer, marketing and campaign insight in B2B
  • B2B data getting the basics right from quality to benchmarking
  • Understanding the data, you have, what you need and how to get it. From rapid addressing to progressive sign up
  • Using data to gain competitive advantage: the role B2B Customer Analytics: and data driven marketing to acquire profitable customers, upsell and cross and increase lifetime value
  • Account based marketing: what is it, why do it, where’s the value and why must it be data driven?
Programme Day 2
Module 6: Content marketing for engagement and driving successful results
  • What is it and why is it so important for B2B?
  • What is the proposition and have you got one?
  • From developing a content strategy to learning how to use macro themes
  • Content planning by segment, market, and product with templates to embed best practice through the funnel
  • Compelling content v Spam - Understand which media works best, for which messages, from video to direct mail, from copy for chatbots to the website new essentials whether mobile or voice search
  • Advocacy and word of mouth in b2b - Case studies to inspire
  • The role of the Brand, credibility and thought leadership, guide to key principles
  • Testing – the what, when and how to improve your campaigns

Module 7: Modern Marketing Tools from CRM to AI
  • Understanding the backbone tools of CRM and Marketing Automation and how to use them to improve the customer journey from lead to sale and beyond
  • Applying segmentation and targeting through the channel
  • Using tools and analytics to help you understand digital and offline touchpoints
  • Case studies of what works, when; from engagement to nurturing onto conversion using integrated marketing tools
  • What do customers want? Why it is more than just technology at the heart of driving amazing customer experience
  • What can go wrong? Taking the external view to fix what’s broken and understanding your compliance risks

Module 8: Advanced B2B email marketing
  • Planning the customer journey and using behavioural triggers to maximise response
  • Using email as a stepping stone to full marketing automation
  • Best practice and innovation from remarketing to increasing your open rates
  • Using dynamic content to improve your engagement
  • Joining the dots: ensuring your email marketing works with your other media
  • Applying an agile approach to improving results (test/learn/do)

Module 9: The B2B customer experience: Understanding online and multichannel behaviour to drive engagement
  • Where do you start? – setting the right KPIs
  • Enterprise, SMEs, understanding the decision making unit and leaving your assumptions behind to take the right approach
  • Human to Human, understand individual stakeholder needs and the power of emotion
  • How to use social media to listen. learn, engage and influence b2b buyers
  • Marketing to existing customers; what do you need to do differently to drive upsell/cross sell and retention?
study mode
Intensive – Central London
Part 1: 2 x 3 day face-to-face sessions which take place at the IDM offices in Central London. The exact location of our courses vary, so please make sure you check before attending. 
Part 2: 1 x 2 days of face-to-face tuition at the IDM offices in Central London.The exact location of our courses vary, so please make sure you check before attending.
Day-release - Central London
Part 1: 6 x 1 day face-to-face sessions which take place in Central London. The exact location of our courses vary, so please make sure you check before attending.
Part 2: 1 x 2 days of face-to-face tuition at the IDM offices in Central London. The exact location of our courses vary, so please make sure you check before attending.  
Corporate training
This programme can be fully customised and delivered to your staff in-house. For more information visit
course info

To support your studies
Every delegate has an online learning account which includes:

  • eLearning modules on the key digital channels
  • World class DMA research, including the latest Consumer Attitudes to Privacy paper and annual email studies reflecting the attitudes of marketers and consumers.
  • Best practice guides from DMA councils on topics like social media, data, etc.
  • Case studies from DMA Awards winners going back to 2011.
  • Links to industry leading blogs, whitepapers and websites.
  • Access to the DMA Awards case studies, showcasing industry leading campaigns including IKEA, Honda and Paypal

Delegates are automatically enrolled as IDM members, giving access to events and a free Euromonitor subscription for the latest consumer research (worth £170 pa).
Exams and assessments
In order to attain the Professional Diploma in Data-Driven Marketing with B2B you must successfully pass two assignments and one exam.
You will have five weeks to complete each assignment and three hours to complete the exam.
Exams take place in March, June and December at over 3,500 venues around the world.
Pass marks and grades
Assignment marks are weighted. Assignment 1 is weighted at 40% and Assignment 2 is weighted at 60%.
To pass you will need a minimum of 45% in each assignment and exam to pass.
If one or both assignments don’t meet the minimum pass mark, your tutor will discuss this with you and may be considered by the Board of Examiners in conjunction with your exam results.
To obtain a CREDIT you must pass both papers and achieve an overall average of 60%. For a DISTINCTION you must pass both papers and achieve an overall average of 70%.


Mike Berry Dip DM, F IDM , Consultant

Mike stared his career at Procter & Gamble. He then went agency-side with roles at EHS Brann (Havas Helia), Wunderman (Director), Bozell/ FCB Inferno (Senior VP) and Head of Digital for EMEA at Jack Morton (Interpublic’s experiential agency network). He has worked with many of the world’s leading brands including Coca-Cola, Google, Ford, McDonald’s, GSK, Allianz, British Airways, Honda, Xerox and Marriott.

These days he’s a digital consultant, trainer and academic (Adjunct Professor at Hult Business School, Digital Course Leader at Imperial College London and Visiting Lecturer at Kingston University). He is the author/ co-author of 3 books including The Best Of Global Digital Marketing Storybook 1 and 2. Mike is a Fellow of the IDM and Course Tutor on the IDM Postgraduate and Professional Diplomas.

Martin Chillcott F IDM, Director, Hotchilly Marketing

Martin is acknowledged as an expert in customer retention and has been responsible for the development of successful marketing strategies and customer communications across a range of businesses. He applies a common sense approach and ability to identify powerful customer insights and opportunity for profit.

He has over 20 years’ client-side marketing experience, including director level roles in UK, Europe and Canada/USA with American Express, Thomas Cook, M&G, Air Miles, Time Life, Budget Insurance and Page & Moy.

12 years ago he set up his own consultancy ‘Hotchilly’, successfully working as an independent consultant/planner either working directly with clients or retained to work with clients of leading communications agencies BEC and Together Agency and the Data Practice, Radar.

Shane Redding MA Cantab, F IDM, Managing Director, Think Direct

Shane is an independent consultant and runs her own business ‘Think Direct’. She has over 30 years’ international business to business and consumer direct & digital marketing experience and provides strategic advice and training to both end users and marketing suppliers.  Currently Shane is working with a number of companies who are implementing Marketing Automation to transform their businesses. In addition to her consultancy business, Shane also holds a number of non executive directorships and board advisory roles, and in 2015 was named Educator of the Year by the IDM.

It’s a fantastic experience that leaves you feeling inspired and motivated. If anyone is looking to start a career in marketing, I strongly advise coming to the IDM.

Lucy Brown,
Marketing Assistant, Car Loan 4U

This course is practical rather than just theory based, so you can apply your learnings to your everyday work

Carly Granger Dip IDM,
Marketing Assistant, Simply Health

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to further their knowledge when it comes to direct and digital marketing. I'm just excited to use what I've learned now! Thank you so much

Pip Evans Dip IDM,
Cash and Gaming Campaigns Officer, Guide Dogs

I was so impressed and got so much out of my first IDM diploma that straight away I signed up for the digital qualification. I've found that the programmes offered by the IDM have stretched my thinking, grown my knowledge and given me confidence to make...

Graham Smith PG Dip IDM B2B,
Account Manager, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe / Y&R

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