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Qualifications Evening Courses

An introduction to the world of online social selling

This evening course is aimed at B2B marketers who have strong sales skills and want to understand the role of social selling and how it can help them improve sales.

An introduction to the world of online social selling

Reclaiming the Other 3 Ps - Digital Marketing Fundamentals

It seems that every Marketing Strategy Course covers the 4Ps of the Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. This handy acronym was coined by E.Jerome McCarty in 1960, and has been promoted to generations of Marketers by Philip Kotler in his many Marketing textbooks.

Reclaiming the Other 3 Ps - Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Why the IDM?

Marketers who choose the IDM as their training partner make a real difference to their business, their customers’ lives and their own career.

To ensure that you have the knowledge, the skills and the mindset to meet any personal challenge in this innovative and exciting industry, the IDM has developed, and will continue to develop, the most extensive range of digital, direct and data-driven marketing courses and qualifications in the world.
We have trained and qualified more marketers than any other professional organisation – over 100,000 digital, data and direct marketers in the last 30 years, in over 30 countries, from companies including Google, Lego and John Lewis.

Innovation is key to our continued success but more importantly, personal innovation will be the key to your future success.

What will you do next in your digital, direct or data-driven career? Find out about IDM qualifications and training courses or IDM membership.

A great one day course with the opportunity to answer specific questions and tailor to people in the room.

Nicola Longfoot,
Copywriter, Open Fundraising

Train Your Teams

Upskill your teams marketing capabilities with a tailored IDM training plan that suits your business

Enhance your career with the IDM

Your training partner in filling digital and direct marketing skills gaps, setting you apart as a doer

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