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You will learn to:

  • Understand and prioritise inclusive marketing strategies - and why this matters
  • Identify and acknowledge inclusivity issues often embedded within more traditional approaches
  • Apply a simple but effective framework for identifying and reaching previously excluded audiences
  • Explore a multi-channel approach to inclusive marketing that's both effective and authentic
  • Interpret your marketing performance metrics with regards to diversity and inclusion, and develop measurement plans aligned to your business' D&I objectives

See below for further course details and full programme information.

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half day (4 CPD hours)

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Course availability

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Course Information


  • Welcome attendees to the session
  • Introduce the objectives and session outcomes
  • Run a short interactive ice breaker session
  • Define inclusive marketing
  • Understand why it's so important

Build your cultural intelligence

  • Explore the effects of exclusionary marketing
  • Define the role of cultural intelligence
  • Explore strategies for becoming more culturally aware
  • Discuss how the can impact your marketing campaigns
  • Create a plan of action to drive impact

Power of language and content

  • Understand the power of language
  • Discuss the roles of proximity, empathy and insights
  • Identify how you can create inclusive marketing content
  • Explore the role of representation
  • Ensure your future campaigns hit the mark

Challenge stereotypes

  • Understand how you can audit your site and social media pages
  • Explore stereotypes in language
  • Discuss how stereotypes appear in imagery
  • Understand what is meant by the term 'authentic representation'
  • Discuss how you can challenge stereotypes

Take action

  • Set SMART goals for future campaigns and stick to them
  • Discuss steps you can take immediately and in the longer-term
  • Establish a plan of action to implement post-session
  • Provide an opportunity for questions and answers
  • Wrap up the session and identify key takeaways.

This course takes place from 13.00-17.30.

This session is aimed at teams and individuals working in marketing in any capacity. It's an essential look at how marketing can drive change when it comes to reaching diverse audiences and ultimately, ensure that no one is excluded from your business' marketing strategies.

Why is it important? Well, we've all seen those campaigns that get it a little bit - or a lot - wrong; this session will help you as a marketing professional or team navigate what it means to be authentically and sincerely inclusive, while supporting your organisation's broader D&I goals. What's more, you'll gain a deeper understanding of why representation matters in marketing and how it can help create a more inclusive world where everyone has equal access to opportunities no matter their age, ethnicity, gender or socio-economic background.

UpSkill Digital

UpSkill Digital provides tailored scalable learning programmes for global workforces, which both promote and create inclusive, equitable workplaces where all employees are valued and empowered. We build learning experiences that equip your workforce with the knowledge, attitude, and skills to progress in the digital age and ensure your business remains competitive. As an organisation you want to attract, onboard, retain and most importantly progress talented employees from all backgrounds. Along with the company wide training we deliver, we build equity-focused learning for those from diverse communities to ensure they are equipped to navigate the organisation and break through glass ceilings.

Leveraging our global network of expert digital coaches and inclusion specialists, we provide a people-centric approach to learning programmes that harness the power of the lived experiences of others alongside practical tools and frameworks to equip your organisation, it's leadership and their teams to drive lasting change.

Through a variety of delivery formats - including instructor-led workshops, immersive experiences, mentoring and sponsorship, podcasts and eLearning - UpSkill Digital uses the latest technologies to ensure that your people receive the most engaging, interactive and inspirational learning experience possible.

UpSkill Digital, strives to take an innovative approach with forward thinking partners to scale programmes that drive digital skills and shape the future of work. No matter where you are within your organisation or where you are on your diversity and inclusion journey, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Quote from our CEO:

"With a global crisis, comes an unique opportunity to shape the future of work to be more inclusive and accessible. Leaders need to take responsibility to lead with confidence and challenge organisational bias. Investing in a more diverse and inclusive workforce, has been proven to generate higher revenue per employee. At UpSkill Digital we are committed to shaping the future of learning and education to be more flexible, accessible, inclusive and equitable'. Gori Yahaya, Founder & CEO

Zoë Boyd

Zoë is a digital marketer and trainer, with almost a decade of experience at a Leeds based marketing agency. Here she became a team manager and training coordinator, responsible for all learning and development throughout the company.

In 2018, Zoë started delivering digital marketing sessions on behalf of the Google Digital Garage, and in 2019 made the leap to freelance life, focusing on both her consultancy work as a marketing expert and as a coach and trainer. Since then, she has delivered sessions across a range of topics, including digital marketing and diversity and inclusion, for clients such as Google, Hush, Traffilog and the Financial Times.

As a trans woman, Zoë specialises in LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion, but is passionate about all aspects of the topic, especially the business case for inclusive marketing and how it can help create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world.

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