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You will learn to:

  • Configure your Google Analytics dashboard and create customer alerts to improve the accuracy of your reports and get the most out of your data
  • Compare multiple metrics using advanced segments to set actionable KPIs and develop your reporting
  • Understand campaign attribution through the multichannel funnel
  • Use goals to configure funnels and interpret the funnel visualisation report to improve conversion and goal completions
  • Create and interpret content drilldown reports to build more effective webpages and boost your conversion rates

This course also constitutes Day 1 of our 2-day Google Analytics course; Google Analytics: The Complete Guide

Course Categories: Data & Analytics

See below for further course details and full programme information.

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1 day (7 CPD hours)

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Course Information

General introduction to Google Analytics

  • Understanding what Web Analytics can do for your web site
  • Clarifying how Google stores and uses your data
  • How Google Analytics works

Understand the Analytics Account Structure

  • Overview of the hierarchy of Accounts, Users, Properties and Views
  • Best practice for structuring and managing Accounts and Views
  • Understanding when and how to create Views, edit settings and manage View assets
  • Learn how to import AdWords data and edit settings
  • An overview of common issues on the management of Google Analytics


  • Understanding how Google uses cookies and the information they track
  • Know the differences between 1st party and 3rd party cookies, persistent and temporary cookies

Importance of Configuring & Customising Google Analytics properly

  • Understand the Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC), where to place it and how it can be customised
  • How to verify your Google Analytics setup and troubleshoot common mistakes
  • Import cost date, performance metrics from non-Google search engine campaigns

Managing Google Analytics

  • Best practice guidelines for analysing data and how to analyse data trends
  • Creating accounts, setting data sharing preferences, exporting and emailing reports
  • An overview of the Google Analytics dashboard and how to use data visualisations
  • Understand how to create, use and share Dashboards
  • Understand how to create, use and share Shortcuts
  • Adding annotations to reports
  • Create automatic custom alerts (Intelligence Events) to notify you of significant statistical variations in your analytics
  • Explore and understand Real Time Analytics

Set up A GA Account for Your Site

  • Create your first GA4 property
  • Configure Analytics settings in the property
  • Key concepts: data collection fundamentals
  • Creating events and conversions

Update Property Settings

  • Choose settings most relevant for your business
  • Difference between Views in Universal Analytics and Data streams in Google Analytics 4
  • Set up your data stream and select the sites and apps you would like to add
  • Data Settings: Data Collection - set your data collection settings
  • Data Settings: data retention - how to use it to determine how long to retain data for
  • Data Settings: Data Filter - how to filter data in your property

Data Filters for View

  • Best practices for using Filters - how Filters work, how to create them and when to apply them...
  • Understand how to create Include and Exclude Filters, Search and Replace Filters
  • How to use Filters and Views together to track certain kinds of traffic such as Googles Ads traffic
  • A look at advanced Filters - cascading Filters, Filters for sub-domains etc...

Data Import: Adding custom data to your Property

  • Why you should customise your data reports with imported data
  • How to create a data source to import your external data
  • How to import cost data from non-Google sources
  • Import User-ID data to track visitors across devices and have accurate user journey data

Using Set up Assistant in Your Property

  • Configure your data collection
  • How to turn on Google Signals and how that helps
  • Choose the important events and conversions to create
  • Define audiences for your Remarketing campaigns in Google Ads
  • How to manage users and add or remove users at the account and campaign levels
  • How to link Google Ads and Analytics
  • Link your Google Analytics and Merchant Centre accounts
  • How to check property change history to see changes that have been made

Marketers and analysts who want to gain a better understanding of what Google Analytics has to offer, which reports to use and how to interpret and act on the data in those reports. This course is designed for individuals who have used Google Analytics previously but either have little experience in using the tool or are just looking to refresh and fine tune their knowledge.

Previous delegates include:

  • Online Communications Officer (Brit Insurance)
  • Web Resources Officer (Tenant Services Authority)
  • Assistant Marketing Manager (Marie Stopes International)
  • Marketing Manager (ADMS Europe)

Enrol onto 'Google Analytics: an Introduction' course and receive the 'DMA Data Guide'. The guide has been devised by numerous marketing industry experts. It will help you understand how to do one-to-one marketing the right way.

Mike Ncube

Mike Ncube is a digital marketing expert with over 13 years' experience in Google Ads, PPC and SEO advertising. Mike is a Google Partner and has been since the programme was launched by Google over 8 years ago.

He is an author and has written over many books, guides and ebooks on digital marketing topics including Google Ads, PPC advertising and digital marketing strategy.

He has worked with businesses from a wide range of industries including IoT, Automotive, Manufacturing, Real Estate and more for big clients like BitDefender and Quectel to micro businesses.

Excellent! Very comprehensive and relevant from start to finish. Covered the basics to the more advanced options and capabilities available within Google Analytics without being too technical

Diana King
Marketing Consultant, DMK Marketing

I'm looking forward to getting back and putting this all in practice

Katherine Hesketh
Online Comms Officer, Brit Insurance

This course has provided tools for effective management of GA with insight of how to collect data and make meaningful business decisions. Real life examples of best practice GA provides a clear understanding of the power of the tools available

Richard Lewis
Campaign Manager,

It's excellent to be able to work on live accounts & real scenarios.

Katie Tokus,
Sharpham Trust

Feel confident walking away today with great knowledge to really making a difference going forward.

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