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You will learn to:

  • Identify the drivers of value, risk and cost in data used by the marketing department
  • Plan your organisational strategy for data collection, permissioning and management
  • Understand how data drives marketing and the impact of data quality
  • Create an effective data management strategy
  • Ensure your data strategy respects current and forthcoming legislation
  • Build a secure data management culture that enables marketing innovation

Course availability 

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Defining data

  • The history of data in marketing
  • How important is data in your business?
  • Identifying techniques to make your data more valuable
  • How should you be classifying your data?
  • Understand the main types of data and data sources

Data quality

  • What data quality means to your business
  • What does good data look like?
  • How is poor data quality generated?
  • How can poor data quality impact you?
  • Why should you move to a single customer view?

Data management

  • Overseeing your data management
  • What is good and bad data management?
  • How to improve your data quality
  • Appreciate the value to the business of data quality improvement
  • The techniques to data cleansing
  • How good is your data quality management?

Database structures

  • What is a database?
  • How to plan and build a database
  • How should you program your database?

Data – preparation and mining

  • Getting your data ready
  • Internal and external data processes that support your analytics
  • The importance of data mining

Data – segmentation and predictive modelling

  • Using segmentation and predictive modelling to better understand your data
  • The stats needed to make you a data expert

Data security

  • Insights into the principles of data
  • What your data security should look like
  • Understanding the risks with data security
  • What is a data breach?
  • The implications of not having the correct data security in practice

Data governance

  • The importance of data governance
  • How can bad data governance impact you?
  • What is your data capability?
  • Plan your progress on data governance
  • Planning for successful data governance
  • Awareness of the legal regulations on personal data

Matt Banks, Insight and Analytics Partner, Seven Seconds

Matt is the Insight and Analytics Partner at a new ecommerce consultancy called Seven Seconds, with Waitrose being one of its key clients.

Matt’s previous role was as a Senior Consultant at PwC Specialising in Digital Intelligence for clients including, EMAP, British Gas, John Lewis, DeBeers. Prior to this, Matt was a Client Director at Logan Tod for 5 years running digital optimisation and intelligence projects with clients which included HSBC, ASOS and Debenhams Before joining Logan Tod, Matt headed up a Digital Insight Team at Lloyds Banking Group.


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Provided useful advice and templates to take back into my workplace, kept it simple and to the point. So much valuable info. Great day.

Jodie Whitter,
Online Marketing Executive, Whitbread Group PLC

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