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You will learn to:

  • Identify the drivers of value, risk and cost in data used by the marketing department
  • Plan your organisational strategy for data collection, permissioning and management
  • Understand how data drives marketing and the impact of data quality
  • Create an effective data management strategy
  • Ensure your data strategy respects current and forthcoming legislation
  • Build a secure data management culture that enables marketing innovation

Course availability 

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Defining data

  • The history of data in marketing
  • How important is data in your business?
  • Identifying techniques to make your data more valuable
  • How should you be classifying your data?
  • Understand the main types of data and data sources

Data quality

  • What data quality means to your business
  • What does good data look like?
  • How is poor data quality generated?
  • How can poor data quality impact you?
  • Why should you move to a single customer view?

Data management

  • Overseeing your data management
  • What is good and bad data management?
  • How to improve your data quality
  • Appreciate the value to the business of data quality improvement
  • The techniques to data cleansing
  • How good is your data quality management?

Database structures

  • What is a database?
  • How to plan and build a database
  • How should you program your database?

Data – preparation and mining

  • Getting your data ready
  • Internal and external data processes that support your analytics
  • The importance of data mining

Data – segmentation and predictive modelling

  • Using segmentation and predictive modelling to better understand your data
  • The stats needed to make you a data expert

Data security

  • Insights into the principles of data
  • What your data security should look like
  • Understanding the risks with data security
  • What is a data breach?
  • The implications of not having the correct data security in practice

Data governance

  • The importance of data governance
  • How can bad data governance impact you?
  • What is your data capability?
  • Plan your progress on data governance
  • Planning for successful data governance
  • Awareness of the legal regulations on personal data

Matt Banks, Insight and Analytics Partner, Seven Seconds

Matt is the Insight and Analytics Partner at a new ecommerce consultancy called Seven Seconds, with Waitrose being one of its key clients.

Matt’s previous role was as a Senior Consultant at PwC Specialising in Digital Intelligence for clients including, EMAP, British Gas, John Lewis, DeBeers. Prior to this, Matt was a Client Director at Logan Tod for 5 years running digital optimisation and intelligence projects with clients which included HSBC, ASOS and Debenhams Before joining Logan Tod, Matt headed up a Digital Insight Team at Lloyds Banking Group.


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Victoria Lovegrove Award DC,
Online Editor, Marketing Service RNLI

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