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During this course you will learn to:

  • How the new Regulation defines personal data for B2B marketers
  • What constitutes “profiling”
  • What businesses need to tell individuals about their processing for marketing purposes
  • The new rules for consent
  • Under what circumstances can data processors be liable?
  • “The Right to be forgotten” and how to handle it
  • What your database will have to store

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After taking this course, we offer delegates a complimentary online qualification in General Data Protection Regulation (Award GDPR). Your tutor will let you know how to sign up on the day of course. Learn more about getting qualified with the Award in General Data Protection Regulation.

The origins of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • How the GDPR came to be and the key stakeholders in its development
  • The evolution of Data Privacy legislation: from the Data Protection Act 1998 to the GDPR 2018
  • Assessing the impact on marketers
  • The effect on how we communicate
  • Enforcing the new legislation
New terminology under GDPR and its impact globally
  • Key definitions under GDPR such as data subject, legitimate interests and consent
  • The global impact of GDPR
  • Who GDPR affects, and their responsibilities to ensure compliance
  • The effect of GDPR on offshore marketing
What GDPR means for marketers
  • What consent will look like in a business to business context (with examples)
  • Will the “soft opt-in” for email survive
  • How “Legitimate Interests” can help businesses (including examples)
  • What options do I have to re-permission existing data (with examples)
  • How is profiling affected?
  • Making your data usage more transparent – what individuals need to be told and how.
The impact on your Database
  • How to ensure your records are compliant and support legal processing.
  • Can your database handle a large amount of detail about consent and objections?
  • Privacy Impact Assessments: what are they and when will you need them?
Using processors
  • Data breaches: who’s liable?
  • How to protect yourself: essential contracts for data controllers and processors.
  • What happens when the Data Controller is outside of the EU, or ceases to trade.
Individuals’ rights
  • The ‘Right to be forgotten’ and to have data erased.
  • Dealing with objections and complex suppressions
  • Individual rights to access their personal data under GDPR
  • The effect of Individual rights on customer service and user experience
Preparing for GDPR
  • What GDPR means for your business.
  • Privacy impact assessments: how to conduct them.
  • Getting up to speed: developing your GDPR action plan. 

Simon Blanchard, Senior Associate, Opt-4

Simon joined Opt-4 as an Associate following a career in publishing at Bauer Media (formerly Emap) where he held the group role Head of Data & Online Marketing. Simon also spent some time working with Thomas Cook responsible for CRM  programmes  and  has worked across other sectors including TV  and not for profit.
This course provides a very detailed understanding of how data should be used and assessed, not only in email marketing but in the wider marketing mix.

Ronak Patel,
Digital Strategist, DraftFCB London

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