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During this course you will learn to:

  • Understand what good preparation looks like
  • Develop a deeper understanding of you and your audience
  • Develop the skills of effective presentation
  • Present with increased credibility, professionalism and impact.
  • Become personally confident in yourself and your capabilities as a presenter

Course availability 

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Central London (W1W 8SS) £510.00 £599.00 10+

NB: Prices above subject to VAT.

Course information

First steps
  • Introductions and goal setting: what do you want to be different after this session?
  • Defining success: what does a successful presentation look, sound and feel like?
  • Setting goals and getting on purpose: asking the right question to set you off in the right direction
 Preparation and practise
  • You: Understanding your communication style
  • Your audience: Understanding their communication style
  • What does good practise look like
  • Pace it right: gauging your pace and how to speed up/slow down
  • Slide rules: how to create good slides that compliment your presentation
  • Team presentations: some rules for smooth team presentations
 Performance I
  • First impressions
  • Good endings and good beginnings
  • Practical I: a chance to present a short piece to the group with feedback
  • Using language for impact
  • Developing your vocal toolkit
  • The body language that says confident and credible  
 Performance II
  • Practical II The opportunity to re-present your presentation
  • Present again using the learning from Performance I
  • Reflect on changes in your style
 Personal confidence I
  • The purpose of fear: why it’s a good thing and how to harness it
  • Anxiety: three types of anxiety, find yours.
  • Adrenalin: take control of your energy and let it work for you
  • Visualisation lists: focus on the good things for a good result
  • Visualisation scripts: create and run a successful outcome in your mind
 Personal confidence II
  • A discovery session to power up your confidence enabling you to:
  • Identify when you are at your most confident
  • What is happening? What are you doing, thinking, saying?
  • What affects your confidence?
  • What useful purpose does this serve?
  • Examining the assumptions that underpin this.
 Next steps
  • Review of your goals: what difference will you make with what you’ve learned?
  • What’s next: what else do you need to do?
  • Barriers to change: what might get in the way?
  • Removing the barriers: how will you approach the barriers?
  • Your action plan: leave with development goals for you as a presenter.
who should attend?
Why the topic is important
Every meeting or presentation is an opportunity for change. For the marketer or agency, they have the chance to prepare and deliver a fresh idea. And their audience has the chance to leave the room at the end, having had their thinking changed in a way that is useful to them. The ease with which we can communicate with each other online places a greater emphasis on the moments when we meet. How do you create a successful meeting or presentation where everyone can contribute and leave with value? How do you prepare, perform and build your personal confidence to enable you to do this?
What will the course do to support your marketing activities
It will enable you to get your ideas understood more readily, perform well and with impact when it comes to presentations and to create more successful outcomes as a result. This could be through:
  • Building a sound approach to preparation and practise
  • Understanding yourself and your audience more fully
  • Developing flexibility in your style and approach
  • Increasing your personal impact as a presenter
  • Developing confidence in your skills to deliver your material

John Scarrott, Trainer and Coach

John is a trainer and coach. He works with business leaders and their teams in the marketing, design and creative community to grow their skills of influence when selling, speaking & presenting and networking. He supports them to communicate effectively, connect with impact and achieve positive outcomes.

A former Membership Director for the Design Business Association, John has 20+ years’ experience working with the marketing, design and creative consultancy community.

He speaks at industry events on a regular basis and writes for The Drum and Design Week where he has regular columns on the subject of Influential Communication. He also publishes his own newsletter called Designing Influence.

IDM Head Office

The IDM have created an inspiring training area with two state-of-the-art training suites. There is a café dining area and relaxation zone to help you network and gain knowledge during your visit.

Very very good and useful. I feel the day has helped me develop and in turn will allow me to reach my professional goals.

Zoe Stephenson,

John's presentation training was great value. It was insightful and taught me many parts to a successful presentation that I had not previously even considered.

Melody Cheung,
Support Tree

An eye opening into digital marketing. I now feel confident to attack my customer database and how to get results

Kathie Crane,
Finance Director, Prosperon Networks

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