You will learn to:

  • Make a successful 'whole brain' marketing team
  • Understand how to build collaborative working across the business
  • Takeaway top tips and tools to help you manage your time and be more productive
  • Find out how to apply agile working to improve your go to market speed and success
  • Help focus on what matters in marketing - getting results
  • Understand what you as an individual need to do next to be a success

This course is only available through in-company training.


1 day (7 CPD hours)

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Course availability

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Course Information


What skills does a modern marketer need?

  • Understand the changing skills set required to face the new marketing challenges
  • The marketing landscape: the pace and challenges that organisations face and how this will affect your career
  • Learn how best to employ your skills in the team, for maximum personal and corporate success
  • Find out how to confront challenges and overcome common obstacles: not enough time and budget!

Building collaborative teams

  • Understand the behaviours, frameworks and tools that help you build teams that work well together
  • Learn from examples of companies who have broken down silos and introduced agile methods for quick success

Principles of agile marketing

  • How the direct marketing principles of test, learn rollout are applied in the digital world
  • Move faster, and de-risk campaigns - from website design to programmatic marketing

What is agile marketing? The principles and practice

  • How the principles of “agile” (originally developed in IT) help your business to respond quickly to new digital disrupters, whether customer behaviour, or new competitive threats
  • How the direct marketing principles of test, learn rollout are applied in the digital world
  • Move faster, and de-risk campaigns - from website design to programmatic marketing

Improve your go to market speed and success

  • Collaborate with IT and other functional areas of the business to successfully choose and implement your new marketing cloud
  • Top tips to optimise digital media and improve customer experience
  • Benchmark your organisation’s agility and what to do if the structure doesn’t support agile marketing and how to de-risk and manage uncertainty in a period of change
  • Sourcing suppliers who can help you on your business transformation journey

Create a personal plan of action

  • Tips to help you focus on what matters in marketing – how to generate more revenue
  • Apps and tools to increase your personal productivity

Who Should Attend

Team leaders and managers who want to implement change for more efficient, modern marketing, as well as learn softer skills such as coaching.

Enrol onto ‘Managing Marketing’ course and receive the ‘DMA Social Guide’. The guide has been devised by numerous marketing industry experts. It will help you understand how to do one-to-one marketing the right way.


Shane Redding MA Cantab, F IDM, Managing Director, Think Direct

Shane is an independent consultant and runs her own business ‘Think Direct’. She has over 30 years’ international business to business and consumer direct & digital marketing experience and provides strategic advice and training to both end users and marketing suppliers. Currently Shane is working with a number of companies who are implementing Marketing Automation to transform their businesses. In addition to her consultancy business, Shane also holds a number of non executive directorships and board advisory roles, and in 2015 was named Educator of the Year by the IDM.


London (W1W 8SS)

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